MAI, a traditional ribbon dancer from the contryside, arrives to the big city of Saigon in hopes of being admitted to
     the national dance academy, where she meets the rebellious KIM, a street dancer from a local crew. Mai enters
     their lives as the crew trains at the community center with their own dreams; to compete internationally in South Korea.

     CAST: Van Trang (Mai), Quynh Hoa (Kim), Ha Pham Anh Hien (Do-Boy), Khoung Ngoc (Hai), Elly Nguyen (Hoa),
     Phan Tan Thi (The Professor)

     RELEASE DATE: Coming to San Diego Summer 2011. Please check back for updates.

                     MAY   , 2011:



                     JANUARY   , 2011:


                     SAIGON ELECTRIC (In Vietnam, the title is SAIGON YO!) is a coming-of-age story setin the
                 vibrant world of hip hop in modern day Sai Gon. Currently in post-production, this is a youth film
                 that has never been done before in Vietnam; a modern dance movie that captures the hopes and
                 dreams of Vietnam's youth.

                     SEPTEMBER   , 2010:



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